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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

the Newlon is going strong.

In my quest to use the Newton as my sole means of computational power I've set up my Newton to post blogs again. It's taken some time to get it up and running, what would have helped was a site like newton.tek-ed.com to download useful packages. I'm going to attempt to set-up something of the sort in the near future that contains the packages I need.

I'm just checking in to say hello, 1 think I might look into the Newton Dev Environment to continue Newton development. I'm also looking into writing more mini-reviews for the useful Newton packages out there.

Please leave any tips for living with the Newton in the comments any help is appreciated.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

a new experiment.

Since my computer has crashed and is just a shade of it's former self I'm going to attempt to live by my Newton alone over the next few weeks. With the ability to blog, schedule, email, game, and surf the web it should be an easy experience. I'm certain the keyboard I have will get quite a bit more use (very hard to browse the web using text input - even with 90% recognition) and I'll go through some withdrawals but it would be nice to see how people lived way back in 1995 (i'm going to guess that VH1's clip show I Love the 90's has hit home).

One last post about Newton usage, Jurrasic Park in fact did not have a Newton in it. I finally tracked down a copy of the film, and you can see for yourself it's no Newton. It resembles an Omnigo with the keyboard folded out face down. Sorry to dash everyone's dreams, but we will always have Sabrina.

I'm going to keep updating the site with my findings of what the Newton needs or needs to be changed to be a daily tool in a persons life. Hopfully my findings will allow me to pick up Newton development at a later time with quite a few new ideas for programs.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

it had to happen sometime.

Just to let everyone know, computer crash = not developing at this time. Yes that's right, quite a bit of my programming was lost in a recent crash (hooray NTFS file system). I've just started a new job and have decided to take some time off from developing. I would like to think someone would carry on in my leave of absence but I would also like to think that Apple would see the error of their ways and resurrect the Newton. Best of luck to everyone still using the Newton and I hope to join your ranks someday again real soon.