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Sunday, October 10, 2004

i have decided!

Well, I think that I've decided on newtonscribe.com for the new site name. I just want to make it a site name that describes what the site actually is instead of what I purchased on a spur of the moment choice at the register.com website. I'll start the process this weekend (since I'll have a little more free time then) and hopfully be finished by Sunday. I'm going to upload the latest version of my Newtonscript tutorial and the latest versions of quite a bit of my software (which I've been working to update off and on over the past few weeks). I'm going to extend a few hands out to the Newton community at large to put together some Newtonscript tutorials as well. I'd like to make a nice home to the development and extension of the Newton OS for years to come (until the year 2010 at least).

Great news, Newtendo is still alive, and Eagan wants a Newtie and I wish him the best of luck in his endeavor. Especially if that means more Newtendo goodness. I'm still playing R.C. ProAm when I'm alone with my Newton.

Is there any reason why Apple doesn't have newtonscript.com anyhow? I'm afraid to incur the wrath of the most beloved/hated company in America. Any input, should/could I take newtonscript.com?


At 8:28 PM, jeffrey said...

Well, if Apple has a problem, just ask for them to pay for the domain name and you can switch to another, but newtonscript.com sounds really good.. Remember Mike Rowe and mikerowesoft.com?

At 4:38 AM, Anonymous said...

The newtendo site was down for me - has it moved? Where's it gone.... what's going on!?! :~( The site seems to have been newtered!

At 8:31 AM, jeffrey said...

This is totally OT, but it's now http://dev.newtontalk.net/~eagan/


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