Saturday, December 14, 2002

Look at the strange things we still can discover about our Newtons in the web:
At the end of that page you'll see they used a newton for controlling a camera.

Eckart koeppen has released a new version of MadMax
that will play streams using the MP3Decoder approach. Time to make NewtAmp?

Thursday, December 12, 2002

Wow. Hardy Macia from Catamount Software is offering an special christmas present for newton users.
If you buy PocketMoney for 40 US$ you can ask for a registration key for any of their software titles!
Time to make a present to yourself!!

Victor Rehorts is working on a Newtscape plug-in that will allow you to open RSS feeds directly from the web.

The people of the Newton-User an Rhein und Ruhr (NRR) will have a meeting next saturday at Das Internetcafé G@rden am Rheinufer.

Grant Hutchinson has announced that he will be updating the NPDS development site. The first step was redirecting the old address to the new one.

Wednesday, December 11, 2002

John Swayne released some funny Calvin & Hobbes images for Avi's Backdrop. Very cool John!

John Anderson declares that he has sold about 80 copies so far of his amazing program. shh, we don't want apple to know! ;-) Remember than when he gets to 300 registrations, he will release the source code. Now you can sync iCal!

I found a nice reference for a couple of hardware projects I have in mind.
Doesn't it look familiar? Those are the connectors used in the MP2x00 for the backlight, the power button and the internal microphone and speaker. Think about ready-to-install backlight replacements and easy to install audio enhancements.

Tuesday, December 10, 2002

A happy Frank Gruendel announced that David Watson (aka Dr. Newton) finally told him where the most common MP130 problem is. He made a great page with instructions on how to repair them.
Thanks Frank!

We had a post in spanish. It made me think again why didn't Apple made some efforts to target the spanish speaking world. The Newton OS was released in English, Japanese, German and French. I know we are not the first consumers of technology, but there are 250 millions people in the world who speak Spanish as their mother tongue. It's almost an official language in the US. Another strange move in the Newton History, IMO. A secret: Did you know that there *is* a Spanish recognition dictionary? Guess who made it?

Doesn't it look like they're selling newtons and memory cards here?

I think I found how to make the JPEG NetHopper plug-in more independent. I'll have to discuss with Steve, maybe a small registration fee for his JPEGConvert?

Monday, December 09, 2002

Last year, we've seen the demise of a couple of great newton news sites. I have been getting my dose of newton-related stuff with the NTLK list, but i miss something a bit more "filtered". With this blog, I intend to do just that, filter all the information that appears in NTLK, newsgroups, chats, etc. and put them here for you.
You will also find comments on my programming efforts and some newton secrets I've been collecting over the time.

I hope you enjoy it, thanks for reading.

Daniel Padilla