Monday, June 07, 2004

Ronnie Simon got me thinking about a couple of interesting projects.

A CSV viewer editor, something that shows CSV data in a useful way and allows you to import and export it. I love that idea. All kind of programs can use and generate CSV files. A simple soup in the newton can be converted to a CSV very easily because, sometimes, many entries share the same headers.

And XML. That's something new for me, but from what i've read on the net, XML looks like the most natural way to show *all* the data in the Newton. Some work has be done with it, Escale and the DCL uses it.
I've think about a frame-XML and XML-frame converter. This could be the answer to all the problems we have with syncronization.

The first tests gave me this prueba2.xml . Open it with your browser or you favourite XML viewer and tell me how it looks (i'm using IE). It's just an entry in my Names soup.