Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Eckhart Koeppen has updated a few of his programs, most notably Courier, that now has a search functionality. That update triggered some bug fixes to NHTTPLib and NTox.

Paul Curtis announced the availability of the Card Loaner Program for America. More details in his NTLK post.

I bought a BlueTooth PC card in the hope of making it work with Eckhart Koeppen's Blunt. It didn't work. I crashed the Newton big time. Life with a Newton isn't easy sometimes, but when you make something work, oh, it's so rewarding...

The Card is a Conceptronic CBT100C, 100 m coverage!, its blue LED and a cool retractable antenna.

Making it work involved using a couple of programs to change the settings of the BT module and the UART inside the card. Oh yeah, and opening it...

I'm pretty confident that I can configure other cards that are not supported by Blunt and make them work.

Anyway, now I have a perfect wireless network, that takes almost no power from the newt batteries, for 45 Euro.