Friday, January 10, 2003

The 2002 Newtie Awards have their winners! Congratulations to everybody, and thanks to Rich Lindsay for his efforts one year more.

Testing Foundation systems nBlog for the first time.Now I only need a globettrofer GPRS Card!

The UNNA was was updated today. Lots of cool stuff:

Beta 2 of VoiceTurn 2 available for testing. Thanks to those who provided feedback.
In this version, I included a "watch-dog" that will take care of restarting the recording engine if it's stopped by a low-heap situation.
A couple of buttons allow you to minimize the application to a smaller window or to the blinking star.

Thursday, January 09, 2003

Paul Guyot has written a wonderful document with instructions on how to configure a Newton Web Server using NPDS.

Tuesday, January 07, 2003

Dude, that was cool. Adam Tow has been updating his weblog in his newton real-time from the Macworld SF. Adam, I followed it!!

Frank Gruendel has posted some more news on the misterious MP2x00 ROM card shown below. His original post is here:

The Southern Ontario Newton Users Group has scheduled a new meeting for the next weekend. More details:

A new program for you to test, VoiceTurn2. Before Voice Command, there was VoiceTurn, this application let you turn book pages in the newton without using the power switch or having to tap the screen. Now it recognizes 1-4 taps and will let you choose which action these taps will trigger. I release a testing app that will work like this:
1 down
2 up
3 taps...backlight toggle
4 taps...launch/close notepad
In the next few days i'll add the preferences panel that will allow you to define the actions, a way to minimize the application, etc... If you have an idea to improve it, now it's the time!
Yo can download it here:

Cool!! Adam Tow is at it again and has announced that he's working in a XML-RPC client for the Newton, between other projects. There's a screen shot at his temporal WebLog.