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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

even Wired loves the Newton.

I'm going to file this in better late than never but for the two or three of you who haven't seen the Newton article at Wired should check it out for a quick recap of the mainstream media's look at the continuing life of the Newton. The Einstein emulator is certainly stiring up some news of late (I can't remember as much being said about the Newton since Newtendo was making the rounds.

Ah, Newtendo, I had a friend recently ask me if I still owned a Nintendo, I should have told him about the portable one that I still use to this day. He probably wouldn't have believed me that it did play games even if I proved it to him by getting an amazing score on R.C. Pro Am. Which by the way is the most fun you can have on a Newton semi-legally.

My suggestions for playing R.C. Pro Am are to use the "Hold A" button to continuiously press the gas and slow the game speed down a little, it's not the first time but it is certainly amazing that the Newton actually runs the game a little too fast. I was thinking that it would be something else to try and do a time attack to beat Metroid in under an hour on a PDA that's been canceled for quite a few years.


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