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Thursday, September 16, 2004

giving it all away.

Strange how when I offered free gmail invites on my site I didn't have one single response, but when you list something like that on Newtontalk, the whole world wants to be your friend. If anyone is interested in an invite drop a comment on this message and you will be first in line to join the ranks of the elite (elite being people who don't have to add creative numbers to the end of their user name to pick one that works) at Gmail.
Also, I've finally set my computer up to program my Newton again. I've started working on nControl (since I always wanted to finish that program completely) but I've lost a few of the layouts (which is to be said for most of my programs) and I'm having to rebuild quite a bit before I can actually move ahead. Still, look for a new release of something somewhere sometime soon.


At 5:22 PM, Anonymous said...

Any GMail invitations left, Mike? I would have responded by e-mail, but I didn't want to send it to the whole NewtonTalk mailing list...

BRIAN PEARCE/bpearce@cloud9.net


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