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Saturday, June 26, 2004

finally something to post.

I'm uploading the latest version of nControl. You can track your nutrients on a meal-by-meal basis, if you are low on time just rate your meal and nControl will automatically generate nutritional content based on your preferences. You can add specific food items and restaurant items that can be used over and over to make it easier when to enter foods you eat regularly. I'm working on implementing Intelligent Assist to make it even easier to enter your meals nutritional content. I'm working on creating icons for the program and have momentarily added in some icons as place holders until they are complete.

Please enjoy, I'm going to post the source code very soon in hopes of helping those Windows NTK programmers out there looking for a good starting point for Newtonscript development.

Also, check out Planks (now with more levels), Hopper (with some optimizations), and Jumble (now with more words). Unfortunately Jumble and Planks are still works in progress and will be finished someday. Hope you enjoy the updates.


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