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Friday, June 04, 2004

heading off to vegas.

In case anyone is heading off to Vegas, remember this; if you don't plan to win, you're planning to lose. For that reason I've written a program that simulates Video Poker, in this first release it takes advantage of the Newton TextToSpeech extensions and keeps track of winnings starting you out at a very generous $1000. I'm going to work on creating a group of programs that uses one profile between multiple bidding programs, to simulate the Vegas gambling experience. I'll even throw in the ever-useful ATM as well as a place to sell your plane tickets for gambling cash to make it a complete Vegas experience. It'll be a little while but I'm working on adding strategy tips and advice, to help you hone your game to a sharp edge. Once I've done that I'm going to add in different options for different pay-out schedules to simulate the different Video Poker games found. Any feedback would be appreciated and help in making the next release come alot sooner.

Look for an updated version of nControl very soon, I'm setting up the advanced sections so you can add your own food items and the restaurant section to allow you to add specific restaurant items. This way you will only have to sort through items that are relevant to you, instead of sorting through every food item ever. I'm looking into adding Weight Watchers points and Fiber thanks to some feedback received from a user, but I'm still looking for more insight from nControl users, so speak out if you have any good ideas.


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