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Thursday, April 29, 2004

taking back the Newton #2

I'm certain at least a few of you remember my original mini-review of Bowser, a decision making tree package released in 1995, and my attempt to have it's source-code released. Nothing, I haven't gotten anywhere with it so far, the e-mail address is invalid (DrMiller@aol.com), thanks to a reader (and google) revealed an address that I mailed a letter to that explained who I was and what I was asking, and no response. So for the moment I'm moving on to . . .

CommonWords - Mini-Review #2

How many people here have ever mispelled a word? Including mispell? Thanks to an incredibly simple Newton program developed by Coherent Visual way back in 1995 you shouldn't worry about incorrect spelling anymore. Taking up 263k on your Newton with a small heap footprint it's almost a no-brainer to keep installed on your Newton. Especially for those of us who use the Newton when writing e-mails or producing documents that other people will be using or reading. Even though it is common knowledge that poor spelling is a sign of true genius, when it comes to other people it's a sign of bad breeding and poor upbringing (and here is Texas it shows a low chance of passing the TAKS test).

You begin spelling out the word in question by tapping out the letters in order, words appear in alphabetical order. As you can see I misspelled the word misspelled (two s's for those of you who didn't notice that it was wrong earlier in the article). I've used it numerous times in making me look a lot more knowledgable than I actually am when it comes to the english language.

In an attempt to contact the creators (Coherent Visual) I've had less than good luck, aparently their old domain has been purchased by another group that just wants me to click on some pop-ups, get a credit card and maybe even join a dating service for a slight fee of course. I'm certain that my attempts to get the source for CommonWords released will be less than successful (how nice would it be to add words to the list, add the ability to work with assist, impliment a search and replace type function) but I'll look for any chance to get this excellent addition to my Newton's storage out to the people.

As with most any useful piece of Newton software this can be found thru a simple search of UNNA, or found under the applications folder. Once again I'm asking for any packages that are being used out there that you believe would be of more use to the Newton community with some recognition. I'm a big fan of older programs because they give me the chance to get the developers to relase the source code back to the community. When you imagine something not being updated in almost 10 years, why wouldn't a developer be happy to give back something to the community that at one point gave something to them for these same programs?

Also, stop by dmoz.org, I'm about to do a big re-orginization of the Newton section, and I still have big dreams of out numbering the PocketPC section, currently we are less than 100 sites away from that goal. Thanks for any help that you can lend in my dream of Newton domination.