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Wednesday, March 03, 2004

better late than never.

Hello one and all. I've put together a bittorrent link to 80 different Newtendo files. Newtendo Torrent. If you have any questions about using BitTorrent, check out the FAQ and a few of the bittorrent clients like the official OS X version, instructions for using BitTorrent on OS 9, and Torrent Storm for Windows.

Apparently, there is a problem with level 18 on Rush Hour. If anyone has encountered it (or if they have NOT encountered it), please leave a comment. I played through to level 20 and haven't had any problems, so I need to find out if I (without remembering well enough) created a newer version that isn't suffering from the level 18 problem or if it is indeed a problem that just isn't affecting me.

In case you haven't seen it yet (even though this is highly doubtful), Eagan has the latest version of Newtendo up on his home page. This latest version (must still be played in Landscape mode) incorporates the Newton keyboard into its controls (credit was given to Daniel Padilla for the creation of the keyboard controls). Thanks for all the hard work going into Newtendo. I speak for all Newton owners when I say that we appreciate all your efforts. Also, congratulations for the Slashdot mention. Great stuff for the entire Newton community.

Ideas in the works include remaking one of the original Newton commercials. Who is Newton? Newton keeps your wife company while you're at work. Newton makes your cubicle seem almost as big as it is, etc. . . I just think it would be fun to do. If you aren't familar with the Newton commercials, check them out at here. The commercials remind me of the first time I'd ever heard of the Newton..great moments in history I tell you. Other things on the horizon include actually releasing Planks with real levels, more Newtendo games, a memory-clone, the final revision of my Newtonscript tutorial, and who knows what else.

Check back soon for updates.