Newton Books

Chinese Pinyin dictionary

Irasshai Japanese dictionary

Reference books

Emacs reference (32k on newt)

Newton HWR notes:

From the eMate & MP print manuals. A simple little book to help you remember all those handy built-in shortcuts that you always forget exist. Universal format.

text formatting notes.pkg (24k)

Definitive Newton Games Manual:

A collection of game info & readme files because I got tired of never knowing how to play a game after I installed it. Consists of 5 files:

BlackBoxHelp.pkg (58k on newt)
DeepGreenHelp.pkg (49k on newt)
GamesManual.pkg (103k on newt)
HanoiHelp.pkg (22k on newt)
LifeHelp.pkg (25k on newt)

Stuffed archive of all 5 packages (124k)

There are 5 different books because the secondary books (the ones with specific game names) are linked from the main book. You only need to download the books you want, if you so desire.

Children's books

Peter Rabbit - The classic children's book in Newtonbook format, complete with Beatrix Potter's original artwork and Avi's Bacdrop picture.


David Copperfield by Charles Dickens. MP2x 2-up format, should work on all screens. Gutenberg text. (4M, 2M on newt)

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