ĴʵNewtonbook 0.9!

What is it?

This is a Mandarin Chinese pinyin dictionary in Newtonbook format. As you may or may not know, pinyin is the phonetic representation of Chinese words, in this case, using Roman letters.

This dictionary uses what I assume to be standard pinyin romanization; it's the romanization method I learned from my textbook. It also assumes you have knowledge of pinyin and Chinese sounds. If not, I strongly suggest you do a bit of research before attempting to look up words, as you'll be totally lost. Pinyin romanization is not difficult, but takes a bit of getting used to, and the explanation is far too complicated for me to attempt here.

This dictionary is not complete, nor will it ever be as I have migrated this and the Japanese Newtonbook dictionary into one comprehensive project (see kdict). I don't have an estimated word count.

A note about tones:

Rather than typing special characters for every tone, I've just used the number convention which is:
Here is a screenshot of what the entries look like:

About the Fonts

I was surprised at the difficulty I had in trying to find an appropriate font. I needed legibility in both the Roman and Chinese characters, which don't seem to co-exist. Finally, I settled upon Taiwan, which, unfortunately, is quite large, at 1.2 megs. Also, I wanted a larger font for the character introduction entry for clarity but Taiwan doesn't scale up to 18pt, so I implemented Uni24Lite, which I think is very pretty, but adds another 664k. You can get by without this one; the large characters you see in the screenshot will be displayed in Taiwan 12pt. You may be able to substitute a font of your own, like UniTaipeiX, etc. using a utility like Lily Language Kit. I can't guarantee the results, though. And finally, I don't know why, but simplified Chinese did not appear to be implemented on Newton (I only just recently found out that my input system was the cause, not the font). I had to use traditional characters, which was another reason I wanted to include a larger font. Occasionally, the simplified version of a character appears because it happened to be included in the font. When this occurs, both are given and the traditional version is in parenthises (see figure above, jia4).

What's included?

The dictionary consists of 10 packages:


You can download each package directly into your Newton, or you can download a stuffed file containing all of the packages (160k).

A Few Notes About Newt'sCape-generated books

When you read these books, you will notice that the controls at the bottom of the screen may be different than those that you are used to seeing. If you are new to this style of book, this diagram will help you navigate through the book. Below is a screenshot of the table of contents book.

As always, tapping Overview lets you quickly jump to document sections.

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