Peter Rabbit Newtonbook

Original Version By Beatrix Potter

This Newtonbook was created by scanning every page of The Tale of Peter Rabbit and tweaking every single picture until the book was complete. Needless to say, this book took a long time to produce and was fairly hard work, because I used Newton Press to make it instead of NTK or Newt's Cape. I didn't know how to do the fine-tuning on the images and text in HTML so I bit the bullet and used Press, which isn't terribly stable. Thank God for OS X. Anyway, in spite of the obstacles, it was a fun project and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did making it. I am a big fan of Beatrix Potter and I know there is at least one other Newton user out there who is as well.

Also included: Peter Rabbit picture for Avi's Backdrop

Now for some technical info:

This book is sized for an MP2X00 screen, landscape, 2-up. It is viewable in portrait mode, but only one page at a time. I'm pretty sure the graphics are not compatible with NOS's prior to 2.1. However, some graphics in books are viewable under NOS 2.0; I don't think this book is one of them.

The book's cover.

The title page.

A sample.

Download Peter Rabbit Newtonbook (348k)

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Last modified: 2001.5.30