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Speculate on Why Such a Great Machine is No More


Whatever happened to the Newton?

The question has stimulated a lot of interest in the newton community ever since the Newton was canned - there are no definitive answers.

Here's a summary, with more detail

Whatever the reasons Apple killed the Newton, surely it would have been remiss not to have included its newton plans as a bargaining chip in some way as part of the broader Apple - Microsoft business deal (August 1997) - even if they had independently/secretly decided to end the project anyway. Interestingly, after the MS-Apple deal and after about six months of rumours Apple killed the Newton (February 1998), leaving that OS market for Microsoft and relative new-comer Palm to fight it out. These days PocketPC is probably the most Newton-like of PDAs, although Microsoft has also stayed away from supporting pocketPC in the Apple (macintosh) market...

Hopefully Apple will let us know the real reason(s) on day. If just to set the record straight given the important role Newtons have played in the development of handheld computers.

In the meantime, it seems that the Newton just won't die!



LM: 25 Oct 04