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Voiceturn II

What is Voiceturn
Voiceturn turns a page when a noise is made. See this description.

Suggested Modifications

Add the ability to detect the end of the sound, and consequently it's duration. Then allow the user to specify the minimum and maximum duration of a sound.

Add the ability to change the function that is triggered by the sound (e.g. up, down, overview, etc.)

Add the ability to divide the time of the sound into different periods, and link these to different actions. For example a preferences table might be set up as follows

                                                 Number of periods : [6]

            PERIOD              DURATION (sec)  ACTION       TIME FROM START         PHRASE (takes this time to say)
                 1                               0.1                   None                     0.1
                 2                               0.9                  down                       1                                    Next (0.1-1.0 sec)
                 3                               1.0                    up                         2                                    Previous page (1-2 sec)
                 4                               1.0                 overview                   3                                    Examine the table of contents (2-3 sec)
                 5                               1.0                   None                      4
                 6                               2.0                   Sleep                      5                                    Should oooold acquaintance beee forgot (4-5 sec)

                                                  Maximum time : 3

Note - the PHRASE column would not be voice recognition, but a user selected phrase that is completed in the time period corresponding to that phrase. It doesn't matter what language is used (you could even use a tone generator!).

Other actions might be garbage collection, open a user defined package, or a link to notesscript runner to run script functions (this allows scripters to add simple functions without the hassle of NTK)

Incorporate a sound monitoring routine that replaces the need for voice monitor. This would not display the sound waves, and would probably be significantly more efficient and smaller.

Information needed
    what is the fastest sample rate that is feasible using voice monitor as a sound monitoring application
    what is returned from voice monitor (e.g. a sound level?)
    is multiple sampling necessary ?

This project is under development

Contact person
Progress, suggestions, support, and general kudos to -

    Daniel Padilla : email, web site , and programs