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Voiceturn I

What it does
Voiceturn detects an increase in ambient sound and uses this to trigger a page down on the Newton. It runs in the background.

Why is it useful
Turning pages using the screen while reading a book (either with your finger or your pen) is annoying. Using the power button puts wear and tear on this fragile part. It is easier to make a noise or tap the case near the microphone.

I was interested in an application that could turn the page of a book with a sound. If possible it would differentiate the sound sufficiently to do a few other actions (up/overview). Voice monitor showed that the Newton could detect changes in the noise levels. Daniel Padilla was playing with Dragon's beta voice recognition software, and wanted to adapt it to control the Newton, but it was a big load for the Newton (great if it worked!). The Dragon software is also rather large... However, he did manage to adapt voice monitor more successfully, and voiceturn was born. Thanks and kudos to him!

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Who is in charge of this project
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