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Outta Sight

What it should do
Extras allows you to show packages from particular stores (internal/external cards) only. This package would do the same thing, but it would show/hide frozen packages instead.

Why is it useful
If you have a large area of storage (eg a 32 Mb Card (or more!!)) you tend to fill them with many many packages. Most are kept in a frozen state to save heap. The down side of having so many packages on the Newton is that the extras drawers tend to take longer to display because of all the added items. One way to speed display is to reduce the number of packages to display. This can be done by only displaying packages from particular cards/internal stores. However, another way would be to display only frozen or unfrozen packages. This would be useful for routine use of the Newton, where frozen material is filtered out - at least in particular folders.

[NOTE - Extras Plus - by Stand Alone software adds an index to Extras, speeds up extras display (with icons off), and adds other nice functions]

How to do it

Two ways are suggested -


Add an option "frozen" and "unfrozen" to the popup menu at the top of the extras window (below the folder list, and above the store list). These would be selected in combination with particular selected stores, and would be unselected when "all stores" is selected.

= OR =

Add a button to the extras minibutton bar - tapping it would toggle between show/hiding frozen packages. Tap and holding would toggle between show/hiding UNfrozen packages.

I prefer the second option, even though it's less 'Newton-like', because I think the first method of selecting stores is cumbersome. Also it would be useful if the show/hide status was linked to particular folders in extras rathe, than being universal, and was remembered by extras.

= Note=

This function is part of a more extensive idea called "Extra Assistance"

What you need and where to get it
This project is not under development

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