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Extra Assistance

What it should do
Add a tabbed index to the bottom of the extras and backdrop applications. Tapping the tabs gives quick access to Extras drawer contents.

Why is it useful
Once Newtons are loaded with a lot of packages, the display of extras drawers is significantly slowed. Drawers with large numbers of items take longer to display each page which is compouned when the user has to scroll down to the bottom of a drawer many pages long. This extension would alow the user to go directly to the relevant page, and filter out packages from the list according to defined parameters.

[NOTE - Extras Plus - by Stand Alone software provides letter based tabs in extras that achieves a similar result. It adds an index to Extras, speeds up extras display (with icons off), and adds other nice functions]

Tabs are added above the button bar in extras and the backdrop, similar to NuBackdrop. Two approaches are suggested



      Add user definabl