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Great Newt Hunter

Hunt down problem packages that might be the source of your Newton's errors and hangs

Ever install packages only to later find errors and hangs emerge in your system. Only.... you aren't sure which packages are responsible?

These pages are intended to help you track down the culprits more easily and freeze/remove them. The pages are built on the experiences of others.

If you have successfully hunted down the source of problems on your Newton, please let us know.

Good Newt Hunting...

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Locate the entries for the error or symptom you have experienced. If present, it will be briefly summarised according to -

If you are lucky, the fix will work...

If others are lucky, you will fix the problem and submit an entry here.

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  Finding and fixing problems

To work out where the problems come from, or how to fix them? Try using these methods/packages
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Please e-mail your experiences (check the lists above first), written in the style shown in the lists. Include: