DragonHack.zip DragonDemo modification
NokiaNames1.zip To send Name cards from nokia phones via IR
NokiaNames2.zip For 6210, 7110 and compatible phones
ResizeScreen.zip Resizes the screen to the palm's resolution. ScreenShot
Rom.mov A movie showing the rom card reseating
RoboPicture.zip Take pictures with a Tibet compatible camera
DragonHack2_source.zip The source for the DragonHack2 plus some other goodies
BinaryBox.zip A binary-hexadecimal-decimal converter for 32 bits numbers. Beta version. ScreenShot
VoiceTurn.zip A program to turn pages of e-books on the newton with sound. Uses VoiceMonitor by YOS.
MapaHolanda.zip A collection of maps of The Netherlands for use with Mapper. Full country and 5 regions. 16 shades of grey. 915 Kb on Newton. ScreenShot
MP3Builder.zip A WinNTK project for building MP3 song for use with MadMax.
MP3Builder Here is a package done with MP3Builder ready for use with MadMax.
stereogram.pkg A stereogram picture for use with Mapper.
AudioChanger.zip This little utility will place a button in your backdrop application for changing the audio out port of your newton easily. ScreenShot
ScreenShooter.zip A program to make screen shots of your Newton's screen or the front application and send it with SimpleMail as a GIF file. Uses GifServer 1.11.
Tibet115200.pkg This Hack will set the Speed at which Tibet comunicates with your Digital Camera at 115200 bps. The original speed is 34800 bps.
SoundIconBuilder.zip A WinNTK project to make SoundIcons, they also register as a system sound.
MP3IconBuilder.zip A WinNTK project to make SoundIcons from MP3, they also register as a system sound. Uses MadNewton from Eckhart Koeppen. www.40Hz.org
MP3DecoderDef.pkg This plug-in for SimpleMail allows you to receive and play MP3 files in your in-box. Uses MadNewton from Eckhart Koeppen. www.40Hz.org
NetHopperJPEG.pkg A plug-in that will allow you to view JPEG files while browsing with NetHopper. Uses JPEGConvert from Steve Weyer.
VoiceTurn2b2.pkg Now you can control your Newton with different sounds, knocking the table, tapping the case, etc. even a spoken sentence. It recognizes up to 4 taps that will trigger a page-down, page-up, backlight on/off and Launch the Notepad. Beta 2 release. Like it? Paypal 5 US$/Euros to encourage development. :-)
ringer.zip Turn your Newton into an expensive and customizable telephone ringer, using a PCMCIA modem.
ZNHPatch.pkg Patches NetHopper to enable it to access virtual hosts and adds a MIME type for direct download of packages from UNNA.
NotesWordCount.pkg Adds a "Count Words" option to the routing menu of the Notes Application. 4/May/04 version 2. adds letters and character counts, select multiple notes in overview.
NHCharsets.pkg A Nethopper patch that allows it to receive HTML pages with "utf-8" and "iso8859-1" character sets. Useful to access www.skweezer.net
newtTunes Use this program to control your iPod from the newton.