Control your iPod with a Newton!
Development environment: Newton 2100, iPod photo 60GB, amplified speakers, WinNTK, old/ugly wintel notebook. I've used the information provided in this page:
I've been using the 3rd serial port to control the iPod, the first serial port is used for NTK. You can see that there's no need for a level shifter if you use this port. Connection schematic
The connectors at the iPod. My goal is to build an infrared dongle that you can plug here and another for the newton, efectively turning your newton into a wireless remote for your iPod, along with the possibility to choose songs, etc.
There isn't much too see in the AiR (Advanced ipod Remote) mode yet. Nothing is finished/implemented yet, so don't wonder why it doesn't work.
I plan to add a scroll list with artists, albums, songs, etc, A field for searching songs and the recording button here.
The basic mode is, well, basic. You can keep the buttons pressed for fast forward/rewind too.
A simple preferences form that will grow as needed.



newtTunes.pkg Be sure to visit Adriano Angelillis' pages for some cool accesories that will work with this program