Pictures for Avi's Backdrop

WARNING: contains adult material.

Miscellaneous pictures from Final Fantasy 7 & 8, Red Dwarf, anime, adult manga, and more. Some of these are large, landscape images, some will work in portrait mode, all require NOS 2.1(except for one, see poison arts section). Some of these pictures are specifically sized for an emate screen. Finding pictures with the proper content for an avi book is rather difficult, since I look for light backgrounds and fairly simple content; I've exhausted my collection of suitable pictures so if you have a picture you'd like to submit, email me. Beware, there are lots of graphics on these pages, however I've tried to keep the size of them low to shorten the load time. The low-quality pictures you see are not the source of the actual backdrops, so don't worry; the backdrops won't look grainy. Each page contains a stuffit archive of all of the backdrops shown on that page.

Not-so-New Pictures

added 6.8.2002, some nudity.


Adults only, please.

    Various(Start here)
    Star Platinum
    Poison Arts & Cool Devices


Ahh Megami-Sama, Ranma, Kimagure Orange Road, Nuku-Nuku, Evangelion, Tenchi, Aika, Slayers, Gundam Wing, Gunsmith Cats, Urusei Yatsura.

    Evangelion & Gundam
    Other Anime


FF7, FF8, various.

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