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What it should do
Allow PDF files to be read on the Newton, in at least some form.

What is the point of such an app
They're everywhere man.... everywhere!

How to do it
It is presumably not feasable to have Newton based PDF reader. However, an alternative mix of text and simple graphics might be possible, thereby allowing a PDF to be browsed on the Newton. The way to do this would be to write a drag and drop application for the desktop machine that converts the PDF into a newton feasable form, and possibly uploads it to the Newton. Several methods spring to mind.

Convert the PDF to

Perhaps the best way would be as an extension to the Escale project, where dragging and dropping a PDF on escale (or a specific derivative application) would turn it into a newton book (according to preset preferences), and potentially upload it to the newton via the various methods that application provides.

A Newton PDF reader is not under development.

However, projects that convert PDFs to HTML, XML. and RTF are under development for mac, PC, and JAVA. Search the net for more.
Here are some places -

Contact person
Try Hendrik Lipka <>