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What it should do
Change a specific font in a note to another font.

What is the point of such an app
Some documents consist of mixed fonts. This mix of fonts may be lost (and is certainly changed) when the document is transferred to the newton. The loss may require extensive later editing (with the likelihood of mistakes) or negate the utility of using the Newton. Preservation of the mixed fonts on the newton would therefore be particularly useful, as would be the ability to convert the mixed fonts on the Newton (eg. Simple and Fancy) into third party fonts (installed on the Newton) that reflect the original article (eg. times and symbol).

Examples of multiple fonts.

NOTE - Fontezy is similar to Works consistently (described on this site) or Stand Alone Software's Font Pack bundle. The Fontpack bundle performs font substitutions on a system wide level, but will achieve a similar effect to fontezy in all applications including works and Notes.

How to do it
It is possible to maintain this mix of fonts when files are transferred from the PC (e.g. MS-Word) to the Newton. Particular fonts on the PC are translated by NCU to different Newton fonts (casual, fancy, simple, etc) when transferred to the Newton. By changing the fonts in the original document to these particular fonts, you can conserve the mix of fonts when it is transferred to the Newton. Fontezy then allows you to change those fonts to the fonts you require. Similarly, you can do the reverse and use it to change fonts within a newton document into standard Newton fonts (casual, fancy, simple, etc), which are then converted to different fonts when transferred back to the PC via NCU. These mixed fonts can then be changed into the required fonts on the word processor.

Supporting scripts on the PC (eg applescripts) might be constructed to convert common mixed fonts (eg. Symbol, times, courier) into fonts that are maintained as separate fonts after transfer to the Newton via NCU. They would also be used to translate the mixed fonts that come off the Newton back to the desired fonts on the PC.

A basic package that works in Notes (only) was written by Paul Guyot. However, it was not released. He would probably release it if there were sufficient interest.

It is not currently under development

Contact person
Paul Guyot