Simple hacks and small projects (?suitable for new scripters)  



What it should do
Export and restore the markings you make in Newton books. Archive them, with the books, to your PC.

What is the point of such an app
The markins you make on newton books are stored internally in the newton. It would be useful to store them on a PC, keeping the book and the markings together. This would allow the annotated books to be archived, to be transferred to other Newtons, and to be restored on the newton if needed. It would also free up space in the Newton taken by the annotations.

How to do it
Add a transport to the newton book that uploads the annotations for that book (beam/NCU/email etc), with the option of including the book itself. A similar transport would allow you to import annotation files to a book. Alternately a separate annotation importing and exporting application could be made.

This project is not under development

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