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Time Traveler

What it should do
Let you move to a Dates date directly (and quickly).

What is the point of such an app

Changing the date view in Newton dates is slow and cumbersome, particularly if many years need to be moved through. It needs a method to directly set the dates view to a user specified date.

There are two reasons for this simple extension

1. The Newton receipt's it's date (e.g. after the battery goes flat) to 1994. New items may be set to that date before you realise. This allows you to travel directly to that date and retrieve the item(s)

2. If you are a long time Newton user, you may wish to look over dates from some years before. This lets you quickly go there.

How to do it
Make a Dates extension (patch). Tap the date if the current view tobring up a menu that lets you specify the date using a standard Newton date selection interface. Then move the view to this date.

This project is not under development.

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