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Soup Reducer

What it should do
Allow the user to backup and restore specific entries (slots) and folders (collections of slots) of information from/into stores on external media (e.g. PCs). The size of soups could be substantially reduced by archiving information to a desktop computer.

What is the point of such an app
Most people like to store their data on the limited internal store, others have limited card storage space. However, some stores become exceedingly large, particularly standard soups such as Works, Notes, and Dates. This can take up large amounts of internal (or other card) storage space. This package would let the user select specific entries or folders within Notes or Works, and export them to an external archive site. They would be able to be restored into the store later. This would free up space, and allow data (e.g. sketches/pictures etc.) to be archived, and not lost, and be available for later retrieval and modification with complete data fidelity.

How to do it
A transport would be added to Works/Notes that allowed you to export selected entries or folders, or retrieve selected entire/folders from external data sources. This would copy the exact works/notes slot, with whatever information was inside (sketches/drawings/graphs/etc.), and delete that slot (?optional?). The package would retrieve this same exact data from the external file and place it into a new slot.

Two approaches of external storage spring to mind.

Direct I/O with the personal computer.
Data would be directly read/written from/to an external datafile on a PC. The PC data file would include at least a summary of the data within it (title, package (works/notes), date, size, folder) that would appear when loaded in a text editor.

Export the data into a Newton package.
The data would be stored within a standard Newton package (which would be generated). This could separately be moved to other cards, Newtons (beaming/TCP/etc.), or computers (e.g. via the packagebuddy app). Clicking on the package would show a summary of the data within the package (title, package (works/notes), date, size, folder). Clicking on the item would give the option of restoring it into the original soup (or removing it all together).

Instead of a transport option, another solution would be to write a stand alone application that accesses & edits the Notes & Works stores by removing or inserting entries to and from the external archive medium.

Additional functions

Add the ability to specify date ranges within which slots will to be archived/restored.

Extend the functions to the Dates soup, Old agendas and dates can then be archived (e.g. according to the year) and, if necessary, restored for examination.


It is not currently under development

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