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SSH Telnet client

What it should do
Allow Secure (SSH) telnet links to remote machines from the Newton.

What is the point of such an app
The size of the Newton simply screams "made for telnet". Access to shell accounts provides users with fast, direct access to a huge variety of remote services from general Internet functions (lynx, tin, pine, ircii, and ftp) to specialist computer functions and number crunching power for professionals. Many people are unwilling, or unable, to use these services without the capacity of making a secure link to the remote machine. This App would do it.

How to do it
This would require either a new telnet app, or the adaptation of an existing one that is available to developers. By far the best solution would be to add SSH to PT100, the Newton's telnet client. PT100 is everything that a user could want for a telnet client, with this one glaring SSH exception.

The project was "temporarily suspended". Keep your fingers crossed...

Contact person
vlad at newted dot com