Newton's Bulb



What it should do
Adapt more modern, more portable keyboards to the Newton Platform.

What is the point of such an app
The days where the Newton had the best hand held computer keyboard have long gone. Now very nice keyboards are on the market for other handheld computers. This app and hardware hack would let you use these keyboards on your Newton.

How to do it
(1) Make an adapter to plug the keyboard in. (2) Write a driver to use it


Half keyboard - A keyboard you operate with one hand. It has full size keys and leaves the other hand free (e.g. for a pen).  It is reviewed here.   

Stowaway keyboard - In the old days Pilot users lusted after Newton keyboards. Now it's the other way around. Newton users would
       love newer keyboard technology. When folded up, the full size Stowaway keyboard is a tad smaller than the MP2x00's screen cover, and
       is as thick as the Newton.

Twiddler keyboard - A chord keyboard that lets you "type" with one hand, based on button combinations (reviewed).

A Mini-keyboard - could we strap a mini keyboard to the front of the Newton.... is it worth it - or is this what Newton users are given in Hell?

Palm portable keyboard - folds up too - though they have others

Minimalist keyboard - How about this one - wince?


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As an aside
Check out the freaky keyboards (here and here)

Newton's Bulb