Newton's Bulb


Opus Rex

What it should do
Synch and control a PCMCIA based PDA. PCMCIA cards are big enough for a simple PDA, yet are small enough to be extremely portable.

What is the point of such an app
Newton MP2x00s were designed to be laptop replacements for business users. To achieve this, they required very large screen (for a handheld) and consequently lost the ability to be a pocket device. Most of the time they are great for personal information management (PIM) data, except that you can't really take that data *everywhere*. On the other hand, PCMCIA sized PDAs are extremely portable. These could then be stored and synched in your Newton, and popped out and carried with you when you need it.

How to do it
Write a driver for the Xircom Rex, a PCMCIA based PDA with PIM capability.

Another dreamy bit

Not currently under development

Contact person

Rex Drivers - Daniel Padilla has an interest in this.