Simple hacks and small projects (?suitable for new scripters)  


Dock Cleaner

What it would do
Dock Cleaner is an app or extension that would allow you to remove old computers listed in the dock's AppleTalk "connect to..." list. These accumulate and it's not possible to remove them without doing some higher level hacking (deletion of slots).

How to do it

Two possibilities are suggested here. An extension would either -

    1. a "clear" button would appear next to the connect button in the dock dialog when the AppleTalk/ "connect to.." list is active. Clicking the button would completely clear the list leaving the defaults.


    2. a "Clear list" option would appear at the bottom of the list. This would remove all stored computers on the list.

Personally, I prefer the first option

No takers thus far

Who is in charge of this project
No one :(  - It's probably a very simple project suitable for a beginner. I suspect all it has to do is remove a particular slot in the system soup.