Simple hacks and small projects (?suitable for new scripters)
Newton's Bulb


Bar Basher

What it should do
Allow you to easily use your fingers to go up/down/overview-topic.

What is the point of such an app

It is a nuisance to keep holding a pen when reading a book on the Newton. It's easier to use your fingernail to press the up/down/overview buttons. However, these buttons are normally rather small, and it is easy to press the wrong one. It is particularly easy to accidentally press the close book box in Paperback. This package is intended to get around these problems by using much larger (finger-sized) buttons.

How to do it
Placing large buttons on the screen typically obscures the book you are trying to read and juggling things is annoying. The solution is to put the large buttons on top of the button bar (which is generally not used when reading a book/paperback). This application would divide the space taken by the button bar into three areas - namely "up" "down" and "overview/topic", and this would float in front of the button bar (similar to BBedit on the Newton).

Note these suggestions are also suggested as part of Voiceturn III

Fancy idea
Incorporate this idea into voiceturn III. The floating voiceturn window would have an additional option to float over the button bar. It would include very large up/down buttons, and a reasonably sized overview button, as well as a display area that would double as a button for pausing/resuming control by sound.

This project is not under development.

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