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Newton's Bulb


Assister's Sister

What it should do
Allow you to add and edit keyword interpretations used by the Newton's Assist Utility.

What is the point of such an app
To let you tune your Newton assist's interpretive skills to your lifestyle, needs, and slang.

When you write "lunch with David" and press assist. The Newton will schedule a meeting with the first David in your names store between 12-1 PM the next day.

In my corner of the planet, lunch is normally between 1-2PM, not 12-1 PM. It would be nice to have an application that lets you edit the times of existing keywords, and possibly add your own keywords/events and times.

Examples of preset Newton times and keywords that could be changed are

Other suggestions

How to do it
Find the relevent slots and soups and edit them and their contents

This project is not under development

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