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Welcome to the home of the first emulator ever released for the Apple Newton Messagepad 2x00 models!

Newtendo is an NES emulator that supports the play of Nintendo Roms using mappers 0, 1, 2, and 4. Also the home of other projects of mine. Sorry the site is so sloppy!

1:40 PM 1/13/2005
What will work best for you & the new Newtendo?
The faster non-standard landscape only method of drawing.
The slower standard Newton OS method of drawing. (landscape or portrait works here)
Free polls from
News: 1/10/2005
I've made a few changes to my new hobby (orbRacer), that I think the changes make it much more fun to toy around with.
I also took some decent shots, and put up a much more decent movie.
Click the image to download the movie, they do have a Windows Media Player for those of you who complained about the .wmv format.
I'd be happy to put it in another format, but I have a Bondi iMac, and thus, no firewire on it.

Have fun :)

Voxel Engine .003
Orb Racer .003
News: 1/7/2005
Ok, ok, I know I said I was working on Newtendo, and this was out of my system. Well, I have been working on Newtendo, and I'm having
trouble doing something incredibly mundane right now. So, I took a break and went further with my mode 7 demo.
Now, you can race a racecar around a racetrack!
Ok, so the car is really a bouncing orb, but it looks sweet! Now, the object of the game is to see the newton doing some cool mode7 stuff,
while driving around, and NOT touching the edge of the track. If you do, you get warped back to the start.
 It's very crude right now, not to mention not a whole heck of a lot of fun.
I have -no- idea if a 2000 has enough memory to run it, though I know a 2100 does. Click on the pic for a movie of it, or just download it and give it a try!

OH YES! Very important, Only run this in landscape mode where the top of your screen is facing the door clip! I don't check your screen
orientation in this demo!!!

You'll need both the new engine, and the orbRacer Demo file. The old demos won't work with this new engine, so delete them ^_^

Voxel Engine (yes, it's still called voxel engine)
orbRacer Demo File

News: 12/18/2004

WHY isn't there a new newtendo?!
Well, here's the long of it. During my newtonless down time I decided to write a voxel landscape engine for the newton.
This, *sigh* did not go so well, because when I put it on the newton, it was 1 frame every 4-5 seconds! Ouch!
Never fear though, I decided to try my hand at mode7 on the newton using fixed point math (mode 7 3d is much easier to grasp),
and though it's taken me off working on the final bugs on Newtendo, I think you'll enjoy showing this newton eye-candy to your jealous non-newton friends :).
AFAIK this is the only texture mapped 3d going on in the newton right now.
Can you say 3d F-Zero clone after newtendo is released? Well, I can.

Here are the packages, just ignore the fact that the main engine says voxel for now ;)

CircleTexture Demo

mode7 shot 1
mode 7 shot 2

Now that I've gotten that out of my system, I'm back on Newtendo again ^_^

News: 12/1/2004
You'll notice how I totally botched my release date :(.
I killed my newton trying to repair a bad case of the jaggies I'd been dealing with.
Never fear tho! Because Woody Smith has been so incredibly kind as to hook me up with a newton I
can use for development!
So there should be minimal delays, and we should be able to remain fairly on schedule.
Thanks woody! Hopefully I'll have something soon, keep yours eyes open :).

News: 11/11/2004
The big date is coming up! Newtendo 0.7 will be released on 12/1/2004
Features Include:
SRAM now works, so you can actually finish Final Fantasy and Zelda now.
A brand new user interface that will make many more games playable without a keyboard.
Slightly Enhanced Audio Support and Speed.

I went ahead and put a pretty much for show only copy of an early release of the new version in the download link
for those who haven't had the chance to use newtendo yet :)

News: 11/8/2004
I've Added the following movie for download showing off the new-now-old interface ;). The version out in December won't support this old interface, but I'm not about to make a new movie any time soon.
Just in case you want to see this before you buy a MP 2x00 just to mess with it.

Newtendo Demo

© 2004 Eagan Rackley
Logo: Aaron Nanto
Newtendo Interface: Indigo Kelleigh