A quick page for changing your MP2X00 touch tablet
Let's start
There are four philips screws in the back
Start opening the case near the battery opening
go along the case towards the power switch
It should have poped out at this point
Opened Newt
There are four orange connectors for the backlight, power switch, microphone and speaker
This is the LCD connector. You have to push on both sides of the white part to release the flat cable
The battery housing is hold by a golden screw in the corner. Lift this side first. There are four more golden screws for the stylus housing and two black screws marked with an arrow, remove them too
When lifting the board, you have to look for the PC Card slots, hold them close to the board. Lift the battery part first and look near the Interconnect port for a piece of plastic that must release
The Newt without brains
There are two black screws in the battery compartment and four golden screws, one near the battery and three near the interconnect door. When these screws are removed, lift this layer releasing this lock between the PC card slots
This is the LCD holder, it must be lifted starting by the part near the interconnect door
There's a lock on the other side of this picture, near the battery compartment, to release the LCD. There are no screws to remove. That flat cable with four wires is the touch tablet cable. Care must be taken when taking it apart from the plastic case
The LCD assembly. The resistive tablet is fixed to this metal LCD housing with double side adhesive
Start taking them apart by the opposite corner of the flat cable. Use something soft to do this part, your nail should do. The adhesive is between the plastic sheet and the metal
go along the screen to the nearest corner
Now you could use a flat screwdriver to slowly unfix the tablet. Slowly.
Now the opposite side
Ending in the cable corner
LCD and Resistive tablet
Non-glare, you see
Less bright, you see