Ordering Instructions

We are now ready to take orders for the Upgrade kits. The kit (DISPKIT-001) will include: one Clear-Finish Touchscreen with a self adhesive backing; one White backlight with crimped solder tabs, and instructions on how to install them. Please note: Soldering of two backlight power-leads is required to complete backlight installation.

This kit does NOT include any Apple manufactured parts - our hardware has been designed and manufactured to fit and function like the original Apple components, with the following stipulations: (If you don't understand something, please contact us.)

Included instructions will detail how to disassemble your MP2x00, replace the backlight and touchscreen, and reassemble. Experience with a soldering iron is required. We do NOT advise doing the upgrade yourself, unless you have experience servicing consumer electronics. If done improperly this procedure can damage or destroy your Newton, and we cannot be held responsible for lost information or material damages.

The following individuals may be offering installation of the kit as a service. Please contact them to make arrangements for installation: (We are unable to endorse any of these installers. Their contact information is included only for your convenience.)


Spain: Daniel Padilla http://dev.newtontalk.net/~dpadilla/ [daniel.padilla@wanadoo.es]
USA (Denver): Charles Lewis: [cjkjlewis@attbi.com]
Germany: Ralf Neerfeld: [ralf.neerfeld@web.de]
Canada: Ferdi Ozguner: [fozguner@ualberta.ca]
Worldwide: Jeffrey McMurtrie at Hand-Media

We will update the list of installers on the website as we get more information.

The complete kit is $125US + $7 shipping/handling. We'll be accepting payments via PayPal or money order. Additional charges apply for International Shipping charges and for residents of Georgia.

Anti-Glare versions of the touchscreen are available, please contact us for more information.


  1. Email us at orders@adago.net with your name, shipping address, payment method (Paypal preferred, no credit cards only funds transfers) and quantity. Make sure the message subject is: DISPKIT-001 Order Request. This address is for orders only!
  2. WAIT for an order confirmation number to be emailed to you. This should be ready in the less than 72 hours. We'll include the billing total in the email and payment instructions.